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In theatre as in dollhouses, props are object for representation, tools for mime. They are not necessarily functional, however they should provide an illusion of reality.

In dollhouse’s toys, the illusion is made for children: household appliances and furniture are reduced scale, colourful, plastic made…
As the aim was to question the legitimacy of things to be part of the ordinary, the properties of the props had to be defined accordingly. Why and how this or that shape became perfectly assimilated as a visual translation of the everyday norm?

Did you ever tried to repeat the same word many times until it suddenly starts to sounds strange?
The repetition is the key element to create new perceptions, to raise questions and understanding. The positive becomes negative, moulds for repetition. As materials: soap, sugar, laundry powder… The trivial practicalities become curious, unstable and speculative.

Progressively the stage gets overfilled.

Nominated for the Gijs Bakker Award & Keep An Eye Grant 2015.