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>> How to use the NonExistent

That which exists may be transformed. What is nonexistent has boundless uses. [LaoTse] Facing scarcity or abundance, how does optical illusion enable us to cheat on our mind and find the balance we need? […]

The familiar grid that shapes the standard chocolate tablet is inherited from the World War food rationing to regulate the consumption of this rare commodity. Now the chocolate tablet could be considered as a basic sweet in our daily food consumption. We break it following the grid, as we would follow a dotted line, without expecting that there could be a more satisfying way to cut a piece. The missing square tiles puzzle, created by Winston Freer, could bring this implementation of satisfaction by providing the pleasurable illusion of an infinite chocolate tablet […]

Could this geometrical trick be a new kind of golden ratio for the economy to create surplus from standards and provide an illusion of growth?

Exhibited at Designing Scarcity _ Het Nieuwe Instituut _ Rotterdam & Krachtvoer 2014 _ Antwerpen