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Beyond the language of words, we communicate with emotions . As opposite to the artificiality of words _ understood as communication tools made up by societies that can easily be shaped and manipulated _ emotional expressions are sensitive and intuitive reactions, which are not always easy to control. Tears, laugh, trembling, sweats, blush, muscles tensions, voice tone, body behaviours; from insensibility to emotionality our emotions can be a source of embarrassment as much as an an asset for social interactions.

Acting techniques where developed for actors to acquire a better control of their emotional expressions in order to support a narrative and provoke empathy toward the audience. However the development of cinematographic tools revealed new perspectives on emotional emphasis. Filming techniques were able to create a virtual proximity that the structure of a theatre stage didn’t allow. Close-up, slow motion, music, are much cinematographic tools progressively enabled on stage performances through the presence of backstage engineers, but what if the actor himself was able to control these effects from his own acting position?

This project is a costume and accessories laboratory that aim to emphasize emotional communication on stage performances. Using Arduino, Pure data and Modul8, I was able to knit and stitch electronic sensitive textile devices able to capture small body gestures and translate them into sound, light and video effects inspired by cinema.

For more informations about this project, please read my thesis - Quelque part autour du plexus solaire