Design - Research - Writing - Storytelling - Curation


Based on researches and analysis comparing the society to a theatre stage, this project is the first Act of a design methodology based on theatrical tools. As social designer I thus became scriptwriter and stage director.

From the perspective of design as an attitude, an awareness machine and a critical and political tool, I aimed to combine it with the historically critical function of theatre; to re-script, re-stage and re-act the spectacle of our everyday in a disruptive way. Directly inspired from Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s house” and Perec’s critical essays on the ordinary the Domestic Theatre aims to question the relationship between the self and the domestic space.

"I’ve put a picture on a wall, then I forget there is a wall.”

"Nothing was more beautiful in old house than staircases. Nothing is more hostile in today’s apartment buildings. We should learn to live more on staircases. But How?”

"The window gives brightness; the window gives a view. From inside I see outside – from outside I see inside. With the curtains I show and hide.”

"The door splits the space in two, prevents osmosis, imposes a partition. Through the door I make my entrance and my exit.”

The home is a stage. The home is staged.

Nominated for the Gijs Bakker Award & Keep An Eye Grant 2015.