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>>WOODEN LEGS [2014]
>>Conversation Piece with Nature

«Wooden Legs» is a short movie exercise that question our relationship with nature. Its absurdistic form of representation between fiction and documentary was inspired by Fhischli and Weiss movie «Der Rechte Weg» (The right way, 1983). This «conversation piece» is a dialog for indoor plants and city residents about happiness.

Living in the modern structures of urbanized cities, possessing an indoor plant becomes a symbol of connecting with nature. More convenient than an a pet, our relations to indoor plants tend to evolve from a decorative aspect to a being tied to having to take care of a living thing.
Paradoxically, our beloved plants commonly come from the industry, artificially grown up under the roof of greenhouses, directly moved to supermarkets before settling in our living space. Tragically, they don’t know anything about the nature they embody in our minds.

Here is the beginning of an initiatory journey to re-educate indoor plants to their original environment and question the definition of Nature.
Clumsy and shaky but full of excitement _ as the quality of the video, indoor plants on their precarious motion devices hobble from the city to the wild.

This project was made during the HUNNIE workshop led by Sophie Krier & Henriëtte Waal - From Eindhoven to De Bovenlanden in the Dutch Province of Utrecht [Netherlands]