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Featured on IDEAT / Exhibited during Jerusalem Design Week 2017 : "Island" / Upcoming 2019-2020 : "Design for different Futures", Philadelphia Museum of Art, Walker Art Museum of Minneapolis, Art Institute of Chicago.

Infinite Passports is the result of an exploration of “scarcity” and “abundance”. It is the crossover of two projects: “InfiniteCitizenship” by Giuditta Vendrame and “The missing square theory” by Fiona du Mesnildot.
On one hand Giuditta speculates on the creation of a non-commercial platform for temporary peer to-peer citizenship exchange. InfiniteCitizenship is a critical response to the dichotomy between the flexibility forced onto individuals, who cope with precariousness by migrating from one place to another, and the rigidity of national systems and territories. On the other hand, Fiona’s short movie “The missing square theory” faces the question of economy and growth with optical illusions and geometrical tricks as a shift between reality and perception. She unveils Winston Freer’s chocolate Tile puzzle, as a new golden ratio to cheat our minds and create infinite surplus from standards.
The fruit of the collaboration unfolds in Infinite Passports: a collection of 24 collaged passports following Freer’s geometrical trick technique from which a brand new passport it is created out of 24 extracted small squared pieces.

photography credit: DOR KEDMI