Designer - Scriptwriter - Scenographer


We need pessimism as well as optimism, but sometimes complaining is just easier.

From this statement I created the 30-30 bureau de change: “thirty second of complaint for thirty seconds of optimism; a place where I would be able to give a certain amount of my time to receive complaints, in exchange of the same amount of time from the complainer to stay with me and get involve in my Design researches for optimism.

During a day at Van Abbe Museum, as a participation for museum of ARTE UTIL, the Bureau de Change for Optimism will be open to receive anybody’s complaints. I will offer my services as an attentive ear for anyone who wants to get rid of his pessimistic feelings without inhibitions or prejudices. Nevertheless, each minute spend in complaints will be charged of another minute to search with me an optimistic opportunity of design in your discontent.
On the evening, the room of controversies will be turned into a saleroom where everybody is invited to take part to the first auction sale for optimism. Each topic will be put under the hammer with a starting price of 30 seconds of complaints for 30 seconds of optimism.